PhotoLDR makes it possible to easily add photos and content to your site from an iOS device.

PhotoLDR is a duo iOS app and web site PHP code. PhotoLDR presents a native iOS format for supported CMS sites. As the name suggests, it allows iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to add images to their content from their iOS device. PhotoLDR also allows content managers to add, edit, or un-publish content on their site.

Add an new page with an image or photo as quickly and easily as sending a text message. Text content is cached in the app, so you can read or review content even when no internet connection is available.

To see screen shots and explanations, visit http://demo.PhotoLDR.com

Demo and development sites that are in use with PhotoLDR:

http://demo.PhotoLDR.com - Drupal - 100%
http://wp.PhotoLDR.com - WordPress - 90% functional
http://joomla.PhotoLDR.com - Joomla - 50% functional

This site is built using Drupal, and a Drupal module was built to allow the interaction. The basic function of the PhotoLDR Drupal module, Joomla Component, and WordPress plug-in art meant to present sites using XML standards. The same code also accepts data from the outside world, checks the authority of the user posting, then creates the post. This code is open source.

PhotoLDR is a Content Management System app for users and administrators. Version 1 supports Drupal 7 only. We do have plans to support Joomla and Wordpress.

PhotoLDR allows a site administrator or authenticated user to Add, Edit, or UnPublish (hide) nodes from Drupal 7 based on the user's Drupal permissions.

Text based Content is cached on your iOS device, so you can read content anywhere.

Drupal Admin's can download the module and configure what nodes are visible in PhotoLDR. The module can be downloaded here: http://github.com/willisiw/photoldr-drupal-module/zipball/master

To get going:

Install the iOS app.

click photoldr://demo.photoldr.com on you iPhone or iPad.
Username demo
password demo

WordPress photoldr://wp.photoldr.com
Joomla photoldr://joomla.photoldr.com

Drupal Module for iOS app

The following information is intended to help a Drupal 7 site administrator install and configure the Drupal module that will present data to the PhotoLDR iOS app.

Currently only Drupal version 7 is supported.

Field types supported:

    Addressfield (formatted for US addresses)

Standard content fields:


Not Supported or fully implements fields will appear as a textfield. Know types that appear this way are:

  1. To install the module, copy the URL https://github.com/willisiw/photoldr-drupal-module/archive/7.x-1.x.zip
  2. Go to Module > Install new module on your Drupal 7 site
  3. Paste in the file URL and click Install.

Once the module install is complete, go to Configuration > PhotoLDR on your Drupal site.

  1. Fill in the FQDN for your site. This will be the title of your site in the app as well as the internet address. You can use capitalization as you would like, but you must be able to use this address to browse to your site in a web browser. so www.PhotoLDR.com or www.photoldr.com work, but www photoldr com will not work.
  2. Select the Node Types that you want displayed in the app. Click the Save Configuration button. This is important because you will be presented more options for each node type once you save.
  3. Next, set the Weight of each node type. The types will be displayed in this order from lowest to highest number.
  4. Each node type will have options for View Type (not implemented yet in the iOS), Max Items, Item Age, Sort Order, Order By.
  5. The admin page also displays a summary of the supported and unsupported fields in a format similar to what the iOS app reads.
  6. Using a single image field name field_image is the least problematic way to present your images. A different field name should work, but I only tested with a single field of the type image.
  1. This iOS app will display the nodes in the weighted order.
  2. This iOS app will attempt to keep the supported fields in the order listed on the Drupal module admin page.